The Holy Spirit Is The Other Advocate Sent By God


Christ came down to this earth with a very important mission to accomplish on behalf of humanity. The exact purpose of that mission was to restore humanity back to God by giving them eternal life. Praise God, this very mission was accomplished both victoriously and successfully the moment He voluntarily gave His life and resurrected three days later.

With that being said, there’s another vital work that must be carried out in the life of those who have accepted Him as their personal Savior and Lord. And it’s an ongoing life-changing transformation that must be transpired. It’s the very transformation that will show plainly both the transformative and regenerating power of Christ’s death on people’s lives (2 Corinthians 5:17).

That’s the key reason the Holy Spirit is sent by God to come and indwell those that believe in His only Son. His job is to empower us daily, so that we can live a victorious, fulfilling, and fruitful life for the glory of God.

Before Christ actually went to heaven, He had a great conversation with His disciples regarding that very person whose coming was imminent. He told them that He will ask God the Father to send them another advocate who’s famously known as the Helper according to the account of (John 14:16).

The term “another” literally means someone just like Him who will be as caring, loving, and supportive as He is. He spoke about different roles that person will play in their lives among these are He will lead them to all truth, He will remind them of everything He said, He’ll teach them and help them understand the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit is the agent who’s working through us constantly in order to transform us day by day to become the very person that God wants us to be. He’s the One who bears witness with our own human spirit that we’re children of God (Romans 8:16). It’s safe to conclude that He’s the One reminding us of whom we are in Christ.

It’s unfortunate that many want to remain children of Satan due to their constant refusal to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord. He’s the One reminding us of whom we are in Christ. He’s the One who enables us to resist the devil along with his field of temptation that he’s unleashing on us. Lastly, the Christian life we’re living is based on what He is doing through us. See Christian marriage.